Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Didn't I Listen?

I've always trusted my gut instinct. If it doesn't feel right in my gut, I don't do it. If someone doesn't quite "click" with me, I trust that there is a reason I shouldn't have that person in my life. So why is it that when it came to my own child, I decided to ignore my gut instinct? I'm still kicking myself for it. Here's the story...

Within the first few days that Paige was born, I realized she was "tounge tied" - or that the frenulum under her tongue was connected all the way to the end. So she wasn't able to stick her tongue out - or breast feed correctly (hence the severe pain during nursing that I felt). When I asked the pediatrician, she said it was fine. I knew it wasn't. But I figured the pediatrician knew best. Actually, I somehow convinced myself that she would outgrow it. I know, I know. That doesn't make sense. But I thought that if it didn't need to be clipped, then maybe the tongue would stretch out on its own? Well - that's not the case.

So at her 4-month check-up I asked again.This time I was told it was "barbaric" to have a baby's tongue clipped. Barbaric?! My baby can't stick her tongue out! She couldn't nurse! The doctor implied that I was trying to do it for aesthetic reasons. Ummm... I may like clothes and make-up, but would I really put my daughter through a medical procedure that wasn't 100% necessary? To say the least, I was HIGHLY offended and angry that she wasn't taking my concerns seriously. Mama Bear mode officially kicked in.

I took the next few days to talk with family, experts and other moms - trying to figure out what my next steps should be. I ultimately decided to take Paige to a Pediatric Dentist for a consultation. Sure enough, they said it should have absolutely been clipped when she was first born. He consulted with a Pediatric Oral Surgeon, who felt that now that 5 months has passed, we should wait until she was closer to a year. Why? Because now she will have to be put under GENERAL ANESTHESIA for the procedure. Yes... you read correctly. Because it wasn't taken care of during the first few weeks, now my baby girl has to have major surgery.

I've decided to also have a consultation with a Pediatric Ear Nose Throat doctor. I feel they may have more experience administering anesthesia to babies... that appointment is in early June. Then I guess the next step is to schedule the surgery.

Throughout this process I have learned a HUGE lesson - and I hate that it is at the sake of my daughter's well-being. No matter what any doctor says... I know my daughter best. If I think there is a problem, there is. End of story. Never again will I let a doctor dismiss my gut instinct. I need to trust myself as a mama.

And as far as the doctor who told me I was barbaric for wanting my daughter's tounge clipped? Buh-bye. I've switched Pediatricians.