Friday, September 25, 2009

Just Call Me Dr. Sweet Leigh

I have decided that my due date is off by approximately 14 days. My "official" due date is December 30. But, due to my obvious medical skills as a soon-to-be-mama, I think it is actually closer to December 16. Here is my non-scientific rationale:

1. I completely guessed when asked the day of my last menstral cyle. I honestly had no clue. I knew I had gotten it, but I never kept track. It always came like clockwork - a perfect 28 days. By method of deduction, I guessed March 25. My shower and bachelorette party was March 20/21. I got terrible food poisioning that weekend and am positive I didn't have my period during that episode. So here is the question - did I have my period the week before? or the week after? I did some backwards math today from the last time I KNEW for certain I had my period, and I ended up on the week BEFORE my shower/backelorette weekend.

2.  My HCG levels were high. When I first realized I was pregnant and went in for the blood test, they said my HCG levels were somewhat high. So high that they thought I may be having twins. Thinking back, I wonder if they were high because I was further along than originally thought? Things that make you say "Hmmmm..."

3. The baby's weight and length is closer to a 28/29 week old, than a 26 week old. From the beginning, ultrasounds revealed my baby was ranging very high for weight and lenghth. She is consistently about 2-4 weeks ahead of the curve based on my scientific (aka Google) research. At 21 weeks, she weighed 1.5 lbs (24 oz), while the average at that time is 13 oz. At 26 weeks, she weighed nearly 3 lbs, while the average that that time is 1.5 lbs. Coincidence? I think not!

So there you have it... I know what you're thinking - I should be a doctor! LOL. Just kidding : ) But all throughout the pregnancy I have felt that I'm a little further along. Call it mother's intuition, or maybe it's just the hormones making me crazy, but I think this little one is going to come around mid-December, rather than late-December.

Oh - and I've expressed my thoughts to the doctors and they all say, "Well, a due date can be plus or minus 14 days.. so no need to change it!". It will be interesting to see when she arrives!!