Monday, January 11, 2010

December 26th - The Best Day of my Life!

December 26. After 39 looooooong weeks, THIS is the day I had been anxiously anticipating. Going into the induction on Christmas day, I had a feeling it wasn't going to work. Not sure why, but I just had a sneaking suspicion that my baby wasn't going to come out the traditional way. And needless to say, after 42 hours of labor - 2 rounds of Cervadel, and many bags of Pitocin IVs, the doctors decided it was time for a C-section. Despite relatively strong contractions, my baby wasn't dropping, and my cervix wasn't dialating AT ALL. Luckily I wasn't in pain during this process. The contractions hurt, but not the kind of red-faced, screaming, Lamaze breathing pain by any means. That also clued me into the fact that I probably wasn't progressing the way I should be. So at 5 pm on the 26th, the doctor checked and said we needed to move forward with a C-section. The next thing I knew, my room wad filled with nurses and doctors prepping me. Ends up the day after Christmas is pretty slow at the hospital, so they were all ready to spring into c-section action. Daniel said that when they called him into the operating room, my face was white as a ghost. I guess I was shaking and panicing. I honestly don't remember much after they began wheeling me from my labor room to the OR. It's all a blur. But the next thing I DO remember is hearing the beautiful cries of my baby. Daniel lifted his camera over the curtain to get a pic of her entry into the world. I will spare you this photo - in addition to the baby, you can see all my insides. Yes, my intestines. Pretty much the grossest, yet most precious photo ever. Paige was now in the world, and my life would never be the same again. Absolutely amazing. Absolutely blessed.