Monday, August 10, 2009

Maternity vs. XL: The Internal Debate Continues

The transition into maternity pants was easy... who wouldn't want to wear an elastic waist band?? COMFORTABLE! However, jumping onto the maternity tops bandwagon hasn't been as smooth. It's just that maternity shirts and dresses look so... maternity! This is the one time a woman can purchase something cute and trendy because she'll only need to wear it for 9 months. By the time it goes out of style, the baby bump is gone and the clothes are off to Goodwill anyway. But instead, they make maternity clothes in "classics". Black trousers. White button downs. Blah patterns. Stripes! Polka dots! I'm over it before I've even begun purchasing them.

I was in Target this weekend returning the dreadful prego pencil skirt, and decided to browse the maternity section to see if there was anything new. NADA! Unless you count the white, black and gray t-shirt assortment. Oh -- and prego booty shorts. Wrong for so many reasons... So I ventured to the non-prego wear and lo and behold -- cute stuff that actually fits over my belly! Tons of stretchy dresses, long shirts and tanks, cute stretch pants. A lot of which was on clearance! So I found the XL to accommodate my new, rounder shape, and went on my way.

I'm wondering how much longer I can carry on this charade... they do indeed make XXL at Target for when my belly grows even bigger! : )

Has anyone out there been able to go their entire pregnancy with just buying bigger sizes? If so, give me some tips... I may turn it into my new mission.