Friday, April 30, 2010

The Pregnancy Card

Question: How long is too long to play the pregnancy card? Paige just turned four months, so I'm thinking the pregnancy card has expired. However, I am definitely not above using it (along with the "new mama" card) as needed. Yesterday I went to the dentist for the first time in a few years. I know, I know - but I had a traumatic experience last time, and I've been a wimp about going back ever since. Sooooo... I went yesterday and I had a bit of gum irritation. Maybe it's because I don't floss every day? Perhaps. But I like the suggestion the hygienist had: acidity from pregnancy hormones causes gum irritation! Why, of course! That is EXACTLY the reason : ). Oh, and the other reason she offered was that "new moms are so busy, they don't have time to floss." Yup! I'll take it. Never mind the fact that I just hate to floss... If someone else wants to play the pregnancy/new mama card for me, I won't oppose!

I'm dramatic. I admit it. But when you pull the new mama card, you have to put on a little show to get the result you're seeking. I went to Dillards the other day to return a dress I decided I didn't like. I had my receipt AND tags. Who knew that in Dillards you have to go to the EXACT register/department you purchased it from. Well, the department happened to be on the 3rd floor... And how was I supposed to get up there with my huge stroller? (shhhh... Forget that the elevator was nearby). So at the second register I was rejected from, the new mama card came flying out. I said "my baby is about to freak out, I can't go up the escalator with the stroller, and I just really need to return this dress so I can get to my car and feed my baby." : ) It worked.

So I've determined the prego card has expired, but the new mama card is valid for at least another few months!