Saturday, September 5, 2009

Great prego-wear finds!

Last week I took the plunge - I purchased my first official maternity shirt at Motherhood Maternity. Its actually a super cute fitted t-shirt with gray and white stripes. And I was willing to give the maternity dresses a shot, but OOOOOHHHHHH NO - they were horrendous! I've realized large prints are not my friend. Also, all the styles were super short. Am I the only prego out there with swollen legs and cankles? Not to mention the paisley pattern of varicose veins that are appearing daily. So all the dresses were a no go for sure.

I'm going on another business trip on Monday with the same group of people I was with last week - which means no repeating prego fashions! In a desperate attempt to find work-appropriate prego-wear, I went to Kohl's. Not sure how many of you have checked out their maternity section lately, but its about the size of one of my swollen feet. Zero selection. So I ventured over to the Misses section and found the most AMAZING wrap dresses. They aren't super short (come to the knee)and are stretchy enough to accommodate a growing belly. They are also the "mock wrap" style, so you don't have to worry about accidental flashing. I got two of them - one in Black and one is a cute green design. I also got a stretchy Vera Bradley shirt dress in purple. I've been avoiding purple for fear of looking like Grimace - you know, the big purple McDonald's character? The sizes in regular Misses only go up to XL, but that seems to be enough room for now. Here is a link to the wrap dress (on sale for $23.99 each):