Tuesday, July 21, 2009

17-Week Ultrasound!

We had an OB appointment on Monday, July 20. It was just a general check-up, where they weigh me (oh jeez!), take my blood pressure and we listen to the heartbeat. But just like last time, they had trouble finding the baby's heartbeat. For what felt like hours, the midwife moved the Doppler around my belly, searching for the beat. My heart stopped when she couldn't find one, even though she didn't seem nervous at all. She decided to take us into the Ultrasound room, where my baby immediately popped on the screen, heat just beating away. I was finally able to breathe again -- and excitement took over. I was getting to see my baby again!!! It had been a long 9 weeks since the last time! This time the baby actually looked like a baby -- not a peanut or blob. I could see its arms and legs flailing around. Seriously the best feeling ever! Here are a few pics... in 4 weeks, we get to find out the gender. The baby had his/her legs crossed this time!