Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And the Winner Is....

I've spent the last two weeks conducting a "highly scientific" experiment to find the best diapers for my Peanut. This was my criteria:
  • How much pee can it hold? If it felt saturated after only a 3 oz. bottle, then it was out. It had to hold up after a 6 oz feeding without causing her to cry and wake up.
  • Did it maintain the poop? And I'm not talking about a little squirt of poop from an intense toot. I'm talking about the sin-serious, roll up your sleeves, take off your rings, 15 wipe and still need a bath kind of poop.
  • Price: Any savings is good, but this wasn't my #1 concern. I figure if its a crappy diaper (pardon my pun), then I'm going to spend just as much because I'll have to change more often, wash more clothes, etc.
  • Did it have any unintended side-effects? This includes rashes, strong smells, etc.
After two weeks, I have a winner - LUVS! I found that Pampers and Huggies are basically identical. They do ok with the pee, but fail miserably with maintaining the poop. After two days of poop shooting out the sides, up the back, and down the legs while wearing Pampers, they were out. Huggies let me down once, and they were out. The only diaper that was able to maintain the poop, hold the pee, and meet all other criteria was the Luvs. Luckily my daughter doesn't seem to be prone to rashes... if she were, Luvs might not be the best option. They aren't as soft as Pamper and Huggies, but they aren't like sandpaper either. I'm guessing, though, that if there were a more sensitive baby, the Luvs brand may be a little rough.

So those are my findings. I'm still sticking to my Huggies Sensitive wipes though - those can't be beat in my opinion!