Monday, August 23, 2010

To HEEL and Back

Read the title again. No, I didn't say "hell." I said "heel"... as in high heels! : ) This past weekend we drove up to a gorgeous wedding in Lake Keowee South Carolina. Of course Paige was in tow... but she did great! My big feat for the night? Getting back into a pair of heels after 12 months of flats. And let me say this... Mama's back in action! I stopped wearing heels at about 3-4 months prego out of necessity - my feet were swollen and all I felt like wearing were my Ugg boots or Crocs. And then once Paige was born, I still wore my Uggs or knit boots daily until it was "warm" enough for flip flops, which I have lived in since about March. But lately I've been yearning to throw on a pair of cute heels. The only thing that has been stopping me? Heels don't really go with sweatpants - which is what I wear on a daily basis. But just last week I decided to try and put on some of my fav old pre-prego jeans and was SHOCKED that they actually fit! But there was one issue - I got these jeans super extra long so I could wear cute heels with them. But God knows I wasn't going to get these suckers back off my booty so I cuffed them and threw on my flip flops. At the wedding this weekend I knew it was time to take the plunge... no, not into the lake (like the two mothers did post- reception! too cute!)... but into my first pair of post-prego heels. There is something about heels that make me feel so fancy : ) I was proud that I actually kept them on for the majority of the evening. But the truth is that black stilettos don't really fit into my role as Mama of the Year. Sooooo... I'm going to improvise and get these: Well - a version of these with a lower price tag : ) I figure I will get the "click click" of the heel I'm looking for with the comfort and security of a full shoe. Baby steps, right? And I'm kinda in love with these too:  But these would mean a complete rehash of my wardrobe... I have an idea for a new book! Here are the first few lines... (Like "If You Give a Pig a Pancake")

If you buy a mama a new pair of shoes...
She'll have to get a fun dress to go with them.
And when she puts on the dress she'll realize she needs some Spanx.
When she's in the Spanx section of the store, a bright yellow scarf will catch her eye.
After wrapping the scarf around her neck, she realizes she needs new sunglasses to complete the look
As she checks out her huge sunglasses in the mirror, she'll see handbags behind her in the reflection.
As she runs towards the new Jessica Simpson collection of bags, she sees a gorg black leather one.
But her new shoes are brown!
So back to the shoe section she goes.
And if you buy a mama a new pair of shoes...