Thursday, February 4, 2010

You Won't Even Believe It

You really had to see it to believe it, but I will tell you all anyway because it is just too funny. Today I was changing Paige's diaper when the unthinkable happened... Just as I removed her diaper, she began to pee. Now, this is pretty typical. She likes to pull the okey-doke on me all the time. However, this pee didn't just dribble onto the changing table. This pee shot into the air like a fountain, shot OVER MY HEAD, and splattered onto the floor behind me. SERIOUSLY! Good thing I have reflexes like a cat, or I would have gotten shot in the eye. Doesn't this type of thing only happen with baby boys?! I was laughing so hard I had to sit down (not in the pee). And thank goodness I was downstairs changing her with the hardwood floors - because it was a TON of pee. I usually call Paige my little Peanut. Now I may be changing her name to Pee-nut : )