Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Mattress Firm: A Note from all the Mamas

Dear Mattress Firm:

For the last few weeks, you have made life very hard for all of the mamas. Why, you ask? What did you do? It's your commercial. You know.. the one with the doorbell ringing. I would give a better description, but I honestly have no idea what happens in the commercial post doorbell-ring. See, as soon as that gosh darn doorbell rings, all hell breaks loose. Here's a glimpse at what happens in homes across America every time your commercial airs...
I notice my baby is getting a little antsy as we play. I'm also dragging a bit. It must be that time - NAP TIME! Hallelujah! I get a bottle ready, change her diaper and try to settle her down before her afternoon nap.She starts to doze and I bring her up to her crib. Ahhh... a few peaceful moments to myself. I grab a Diet Coke, cue up The View from the DVR, and plop onto the couch for a little downtime while the baby naps. As The View ladies gab away, I start to zone out. I hear Whoopi throw it to the commercial, and then...IT happens. The gosh darn doorbell rings!!! No, not MY doorbell. The MATTRESS FIRM DOORBELL! Of course, the dog starts going nuts, thinking someone is at the front door. Barking and running... running and barking. I start yelling at the dog to hush up. And before you know it, "Wah, wah, wah!" rings out from the nursery. What should have been a 1 hour nap was only 25 minutes. And mamas across the country vow to never shop at Mattress Firm.
So I ask you Mattress Firm, on behalf of all the mamas, please do away with the doorbell ring at the beginning of your commercial. Actually, I beg you. Because the next step is to never watch TV - and then we won't see your commercials anyway.

Worn Out Mama in the ATL,
Sweet Leigh Mama