Friday, December 17, 2010

Floor Dweller

Most everything is the same with this pregnancy as the last. Morning sickness - check! Extreme fatigue - check! Food aversions - check! (Although last time it was BBQ sauce and marinades that made me gag... this time it's anything made of beef). However, there is one major difference. Last time I couldn't have enough pillows when I slept. In addition to my giant pregnancy pillow that I strategically wrapped around my body each night for maximum comfort, I used at least 5 other pillows. This time around, it's the complete opposite. The pregnancy pillow has been banished to the hall closet. The thought of sleeping on more than one pillow makes me feel like I might suffocate. AND - the icing on the prego cake - I feel like my mattress is way too soft and I might drown in the pillow top. At first the mattress in the guest room seemed to be better. But that joy lasted about 3 nights before my body decided that mattress was also way too soft. So what's a mama to do? After I decided that crawling into the crib with Paige might not be the best idea, I went for the next best thing... the floor : ) And let me tell you - it is the BEST sleep I've gotten in weeks!! Just me, the carpet, a single pillow and a light blanket. HEAVEN! Of course my husband thinks I've lost my mind as he peers down at me from our Queen size bed. But I can't get enough of it. I've even started taking my daily cat naps on the floor. I'd probably sleep on the driveway if it wasn't 18 degrees outside. And you'd think I'd wake up in the morning with terrible back pain, right? WRONG! I feel totally refreshed. I'll keep you all posted on how long this phase lasts - but after 2 weeks and still going strong, I think I've found my manger : )