Monday, October 12, 2009

Pregos SayThe Darndest Things

My husband has informed me that my pregnancy and raging hormones are causing me to be a bit... how do I say it... feisty! Particularly when it comes to my temper. You know how people excuse old people for things that they say because they "can't help themselves"? Well I am asking for the same leniency when it comes to us pregos. Sometimes we just can't help what bothers us, gets under our skin, or frosts our cookies. On Saturday night, I told my loving husband that he "acts like an idiot when he sleeps." Oops! I'm honestly not even sure what I meant by that mean-spirited comment. But I know what spurred it - he fell asleep on the couch, and then I had to wake him up and tell him to go up to bed. Keep in mind, this scenario is reversed 99% of the time, with him waking me up... but that's besides the point! : ) So he stumbles upstairs, turns off all the lights, throws the covers onto my side of the bed, and falls back asleep. Ummm - EXCUSE ME?! He must have not gotten the memo that I'm the prego one that needs pampering, back rubs and pity as I try to fall asleep each night. So that's when my blood started to boil, and diahreah of the mouth kicked in. I didn't feel bad about it either until the next morning. I apologized of course, and you know what my husband said (with a laugh)? "It's a full time job keeping up with your mood swings! I never know what's going to push you over the edge next." At least he has a sense of humor about it. So - with this post - I apologize for what I have said and what I will say that may seem out of character. Blame it on the hormones!!