Friday, December 25, 2009

It's On!

After 39 weeks and two days, we're FINALLY going to have this baby!!! It started with a scare yesterday (another TIA /mini stroke)and then a rush into the hospital. After all that had happened we decided it was time to bring this little girl into the world! One roadblock: heparin. I had taken heparin at 10 am that morning, and unless a dyer emergency, won't start anything until at least 12 hours had past. So at midnight last night we got started - had the Cervadel inserted. It is a cervical ripening agent that works to thin out the cervix prior to the pitocin drip. At around noon they are going to take that out and start pitocin. Then we'll just need to wait and see how quickly my body moves. I'm thinking she'll be making her big arrival around 9 or 10 tonight- we'll see!!!! Can't wait to meet my Christmas angel! I will be sure to keep everyone posted and will post pics asap : )