Friday, April 30, 2010

The Pregnancy Card

Question: How long is too long to play the pregnancy card? Paige just turned four months, so I'm thinking the pregnancy card has expired. However, I am definitely not above using it (along with the "new mama" card) as needed. Yesterday I went to the dentist for the first time in a few years. I know, I know - but I had a traumatic experience last time, and I've been a wimp about going back ever since. Sooooo... I went yesterday and I had a bit of gum irritation. Maybe it's because I don't floss every day? Perhaps. But I like the suggestion the hygienist had: acidity from pregnancy hormones causes gum irritation! Why, of course! That is EXACTLY the reason : ). Oh, and the other reason she offered was that "new moms are so busy, they don't have time to floss." Yup! I'll take it. Never mind the fact that I just hate to floss... If someone else wants to play the pregnancy/new mama card for me, I won't oppose!

I'm dramatic. I admit it. But when you pull the new mama card, you have to put on a little show to get the result you're seeking. I went to Dillards the other day to return a dress I decided I didn't like. I had my receipt AND tags. Who knew that in Dillards you have to go to the EXACT register/department you purchased it from. Well, the department happened to be on the 3rd floor... And how was I supposed to get up there with my huge stroller? (shhhh... Forget that the elevator was nearby). So at the second register I was rejected from, the new mama card came flying out. I said "my baby is about to freak out, I can't go up the escalator with the stroller, and I just really need to return this dress so I can get to my car and feed my baby." : ) It worked.

So I've determined the prego card has expired, but the new mama card is valid for at least another few months!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sweet Leigh Mama Featured on! recently asked me what my top fears/worries were while I was prego. Ummmmm... Have you read my blog?! EVERYTHING freaked me out! : ) But I was able to narrow it down a bit, and a few were featured in their article "Top Ten Pregnancy Fears", along with some other foxy mamas' fears. Check out the article here:

Note: Is it a coincidence that both of my "fears" featured involve fluids spontaneously exiting the body, causing extreme embarassment?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whoa, Mama!

There are good things and bad things about living in the South. The good: gorgeous weather, southern hospitality, sweet tea. The bad: swimsuit season starts sooooo early! I went to Kohls today to pick up a few things, and figured I would see if I could find a decent swimsuit. I've decided that there should be special dressing rooms for trying on swimsuits... Mirrors that only show from the waist up, and a mini bar stocked with margaritas. Let's just say that Kohls did not have these... I saw the whole enchilada in a full length mirror. And this mama needs to lay off the enchiladas : ) Not pretty. So when I got home, I decided to try on my swimsuits from last season... And surprisingly, they weren't hideous! And by "not hideous" I mean "good enough to wear under a large sarong, only to be removed a milisecond before entering the pool". I did pick up a gorg pair of aviators... Maybe their cuteness will create a distraction from the rest of the package. : )

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Too young for Starbucks?

Of course! But might as well get her dreaming about it... Just like
her Mama

Monday, April 19, 2010

PTO Chic

I've dubbed my new mama style: P.T.O. Chic. What does PTO Chic mean? Well, let me tell you...
  • cute, comfortable, stylish - for the mama on the go
  • casual enough to run errands, but pulled-together enough to meet up with other mamas for lunch
  • fun and chic, but respectable enough to attend a PTO meeting without getting looks from the other mamas... you would be nominated for to chair the social committee or bake sale, but probably not for president : )
  • accentuating the good (toned arms from carrying 16 lbs of baby around) while masking the not-so-good (like the post-prego muffin top belly)

So how have I been bringing this concept to life?

Look 1:
  • short, flowy dresses - but not too short that you can't bend over to pick up a dropped binky
  • flats in hot colors - of course basic black and brown, but pops of unexpected color like royal blue, sunshine yellow and pink... cute flip flops also work (with a pedi of course)
  • a cropped denim jacket - in case the AC is on too high or you feel like a little arm coverage
  • bright cardigans - colors like yellow, teal, purple can add a splash of color to a neutral sundress... scrunch up the sleeves to create a more casual look
Look 2:
  • skinny jeans - these are a staple in any wardrobe
  • knee-length denim shorts - AHH! Ok, gasp! I know, I know... usually a faux pas. But if you wear them right (fit, color), they can work
  • denim skirt - short or knee length will work
  • men's button down shirts - bright colors, plaids... at least one size bigger so it's flowy... roll up the sleeves and pop the collar
  • wide belts - brown and black will do.... put them around the men's shirts to cinch the waist
It's fun and it works. And best of all -- it's easy to wash, dry and wear. No ironing necessary! 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Mommy Thinks I'm Gifted

You know those annoying parents who constantly say that their child is gifted and talented? Well - I've become one of those mamas : ) But lucky for everyone, I acknowledge 100% (ok, maybe 98%) that most of Paige's "gifted-and-talented-ness" is a natural growth and development cycle. But a mama can dream, right? Here are her obviously advanced (and by "obviously advanced" I really mean "semi-delusional musings of a totally obsessed mama") achievements thus far:

1. The Scootch - pronounced "sk-ooo-tch-a", by me at least. Paige loves to scootch. At about 8 weeks, she began scootching out of her sleep positioner at night, ending up at the top of her bed each morning. Then, at about 12 weeks, she figured out how to scootch down, ending up at the bottom of her crib. And now she is scootching out of every chair and off every blanket. Basically, she is scootching phenom, destined to be an Olympic athlete.

2. Pitch Perfect - Since about 7-8 weeks, I have noticed Paige loves to mimic me. Mostly it's my expressions, but occasionally she mimics sounds that I make (like gurgling or razzing). At around 9 weeks, I began to notice she would mimic songs - she is particularly fond of Lady GaGa's Bad Romance and Kesha's Tik Toc (she has good taste, what can I say!). She won't do every note, but she'll match a certain few notes in each song, right after they are sung. Once I noticed this, I began testing her vocal range to see if she could match notes that I sung. She won't do it on cue, but when she's in the mood, she's like a budding Beyonce. Then - just two weeks ago - we were watching a DVR'd recording of American Idol, and "Big Mike" took the mic. After one of his powerful high notes, Paige looked at the screen, slapped the bottle out of her mouth, and MATCHED THE NOTE PITCH PERFECT! Scout's honor! I wonder what Simon Cowell would think of that?! One of these days I will get video of this... prepare to be amazed! : )