Friday, August 14, 2009

Second Hand Commuter Smoke

Every day I commute from the northern suburbs to midtown Atlanta for work. Maybe it is my enhanced sense of smell, or perhaps my mama-bear instinct is kicking in, but I feel like I (and in turn my little bambino) are sucking it terrible second-hand smoke every morning! Car fumes and smog is one thing, but I'm talking serious cigarette smoke! This is the scenario: I get stuck at a red light, or traffic is bumper to bumper on the highway, and I all of the sudden get a gulp pf cigarette smoke. YUCK! At first I had no idea where it was coming from, as I don't ride with my windows open. But then one day I noticed that the car next to me, or even two cars ahead of me, was puffing away, blowing their waste into the fresh air. My air filtration system pulled it into my car, and instantly, I'm engulfed in a cloud of smoke. It happens at least three times every morning. I want to beep my horn and say, "HELLLLLO! Don't you know I'm PREGNANT?!" : ) Of course they wouldn't know, but it just frosts my cookies that people can be so inconsiderate. They don't want it in their own cars, so they just blow it in everyone else's. Now that I am aware of this, I dip and dodge around the smokers each morning like its a game of chess. I also give them the stink eye as I pass them by.. maybe one day they will figure it out!