Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Change Will Do You Good

For some reason, I've been in sort of a rut lately. I think I was getting too comfortable in my daily routine. But I am the first to admit that I HATE routine. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. I constantly need to change things up, keep things interesting.If I always take a particular route to go to the mall, I will find a new way - even if its a little longer - to get to the same place. I have two Kroger super markets within 5 miles of my house - I recently started going to the other one with a different layout. Last week I surprised my unsuspecting husband with an "Extreme Makeover" to our front living room. I changed out the rug, switched around the couches - even bringing the leather love seat down from our bedroom (yes, by myself - don't ask me how!). I bought a cheap duvet cover for our bed to change out the red comforter. Tonight I dyed my hair. Actually, the process started last night. I bought a box of dark blond hair dye - but it turned an unfortunate shade of orange. So tonight I did it again - this time dying the top layer blond and the rest a dark chocolate brown. I'm actually kind of liking it! And tomorrow night we're going to trade in our Jeeps for new Toyotas (that was actually my husband's idea, not mine!) The funny thing is that both my husband and daughter are creatures of habit. They like things the exact same way, every single day. Paige couldn't stop staring at my hair this morning when she woke up. It seemed to throw her off for the first hour or so of her day. Daniel took 3 days to get used to the new living room arrangement. I think I'm good on the changes for now... but give me about a month and I'll be at it again!