Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Is Up With All These Recalls?! A Mad Mama's Rant

Am I the only mama who has had it UP TO HERE with all these recalls?! First it was the Infant Tylenol due to "tiny particles" and "too much active ingredients". Then it was Similac formula, which reportedly contained BEETLES! And now it's Hyland Teething Tablets, which have been recalled due to potential belladonna poisoning! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!

How are we supposed to trust that the indigestible we are giving to our most precious beings - our children - are safe? What is wrong with these companies that they think it is OK to just wing it with ingredients? These products aren't made for adults with mature immune systems and fully developed brains. These products are for BABIES! Babies who are still growing and developing. Babies who God has entrusted each mama with to protect and nurture. What part of that is so hard to understand?! These companies need to step up their safety procedures in a major way. How can you do this to innocent babies and their moms, who are doping everything they can to do the right thing? Get your acts together - PLEASE!

Also - a specific message to the folks at Similac - DO NOT email me again about promoting your product on my blog. Especially when you are unwilling to respond to my questions re: new safety procedures to ensure contamination never happens again, and how it happened in the first place. Your lack of response to my questions "Anna at Similac" speaks volumes... you must not have solutions! My readers deserve more than that. PR and marketing efforts don't magically undo the massive mistakes your company has made. Prove yourself, explain how and why it happened - and most importantly why it won't happen again - and then ask for our trust and patronage again.