Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby's Favorite Sounds

Some soon to be mamas play Mozart for their babies. They say it helps improve brain function once they are outside the womb. I wonder what the things my baby reacts to will mean for her brain development? : ) I say that because there are two distinct sounds that make my baby wiggle around, and it isn't Mozart! The first sound is my laugh. She loves it! As soon as I start laughing, she goes wild! The second sound is a little more interesting... It's the chimes that ring as I play my new favorite iPhone game - Chain Rxn. As soon as I start playing, she gets sooooooo excited and litterally starts jumping around. Your probably thinking - "well how often do you play this game?" Let me tell you - ALOT! But it's not because I'm a major gamer or arcade enthusiast. It's because I've been trying to become a more patient person. Being patient involves alot of waiting around. And while I'm waiting around - in lines, at an appoinent, for water to boil - I have started to play this Chain Rxn (reaction) game. And I must admit - I am good!! : ) But now my unborn baby thinks the chimes of a big win is her personal dance mix! Don't think I'll have as much time to play once she is here, but I may have to let her hear the chimes at least a few times to see how she'll react! My laugh, now that's not going anywhere, and something she will hopefully be hearing for a long long time!