Monday, September 28, 2009

I Can Actually Do This!

I had an epiphany (not episiotomy) this weekend during my tour of the labor and delivery unit at my local hospital - I can actually do this! I CAN give birth to this baby living inside of me!

Up until Saturday at 6:15 p.m., I wasn't able to quite wrap my mind around the idea of giving birth. I knew that it had to happen one way or another, but it was hard to picture myself in the moment. I'm a very visual person - I need to see things for them to become real. I didn't realize childbirth was one of those things.

My only "experience" with birth was watching "A Baby Story" on TLC and those scary "real life drama" births on Discovery Health. Sweating, screaming, panting, agony, getting wheeled into an ER and then being left in a hallway, a cramped hospital room that reeks of that terrible hospital smell, SHARING A HOSPITAL ROOM!! The horrors! For the many reasons listed above, it wasn't something I was ready to picture myself doing. Sweat + pain+ gross smells + unknown territory = a very freaked out soon-to-be-mama!

So my husband and I drove to the hospital on Saturday evening and it was NOTHING like I expected. First of all, this hospital has a separate "Women's Center" that is apart from the rest of the hospital. Its a beautiful building with soft lighting, non-threatening odors, and smiling faces. The Admissions Desk it quaint - no weird cubicles or mean receptionists. Everyone coming to the Women's Center is there for a reason - either giving birth, visiting someone who just gave birth, or taking a tour/classes (like me). We were able to tour the Labor and Delivery room, and then the "Family Centered Care" room. The Labor and Delivery room is straight out of a hotel - spacious, comfortable and PRIVATE! All the lights are adjustable so you can "set the mood you would like" before, during and after labor. The thermostat is also adjustable per room - no sweating for this mama! There is even a big-screen TV, DVD player and CD player.They demonstrated different birthing positions, and how the bed would come apart during the actual delivery. Daniel said I had the biggest smile on my face during the whole demo - I'm sure it was because this place wasn't scary at all, but instead pretty peaceful : )

Two hours after the delivery, we'll be moved to a different floor (still in the Women's center) and be given another PRIVATE room (I can't tell you how thrilled I am by the "private aspect"). This room is also spacious and comfortable with a private bathroom/shower and space for the family to spread out. Everything is clean, inviting and again, peaceful.

So now, with approximately 80-something days to go until my baby girl arrives, I am ready. Mentally ready, that is. The nursery? Don't ask... that is still a work in progress. Luckily Nana and Papa are coming down in November to whip that into shape : )