Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When the Cookie Crumbles

I have a confession: I've been holding back on y'all. See, after I gave birth, there was one topic I wanted desperately to write about, but just didn't know how to without being super gross. I wrote at least 4 posts on the topic, and deleted them all... "Do pregos REALLY want to know what happens down there post delivery?!" I know I would have liked to know! I guess it's one of those things every mama knows and no one discusses.. because - uh oh - what if I was the only one this happened to?? Well, leave it to TheBump.com to lift the shroud of secrecy. There is something very odd about seeing the word "crotch" in girly cursive letters, but the article is pretty good. Crotch Care 101: The truth about postbirth recovery

Here are the takeaways from my personal experience (NOTE: read at your own risk...preferably not right after eating breakfast)

1. Bleeding: Remember one of your fav things about being prego was the missing period? Well - post-delivery, it's baaaaaaack! In full force. It's like 9 months of periods were saved up, and now they've decided to rear their ugly head all at once. Even with a C-section, I bled for 5 weeks.

2. The Mesh Underwear: These are pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me post-pregnancy (besides the baby, of course!). As you pack your hospital bag, just forget about packing your cute hip-hugging underwear. The hospital will provide lovely mesh underwear that go up past your belly button (think about the biggest, least pretty underwear you've ever seen). Trust me - you will need them to hold up the HUMONGOUS maxi pad you will have to wear. Plus, for me just having had a c-section, I needed something that wouldn't cut right where my incision was. And take at least 50 pairs home with you - you'll need them over the next few weeks.

3. Poop: What used to be a natural daily activity without much thought will soon become your obsession: WHEN WILL I POOP AGAIN?! For me, it took about 6-7 days. Definitely not in the hospital (despite taking the laxitives and drinking prune juice). Once home, I would feel like I had to do the deed, but it just wouldn't happen. A combination of warm prune juice (not as terrible as it sounds), laxitives and Miralax mixed in water finally resulted in success. Fun times!

I can't speak to the ice packs, swelling, etc since I had a C-section. Any mamas want to chime in about those lovely aspects? If so, post below.

Phew! I feel so much better now that I have written this post : ) 


  1. Girlfriend, thank you for writing this post! I just had my baby 10 weeks ago, and can I tell you that I feared the post-partum recovery much more than labor or childbirth! I guess you can read so much about those other topics, that it's the fear of the unknown that scared me.

    I can speak to the ice packs. They are like gold (second in line of course to colustrum/breastmilk). I hijacked a handful of these, the ginormous maxi pads and lovely mesh panties into a bag before heading home. Oh, and also, make sure to take that spray water bottle they give you. After going to the bathroom, it's the only thing that'll help you "get clean" in a pain free way. I suggest filling it with warm water, too.

    That's my two cents, for what it's worth. Have followed your blog for a while now, just never posted. Really enjoy your posts. Hope your sweet girl is doing well after her surgery. You stick to your guns with that pediatrician!

  2. Wow, no one's told me about these post birth recovery stuff. They kinda just gloss over the bleeding and maxipads. I'm 29weeks pregnant and glad to hear this now. Thanks!