Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yard Crasher

As mamas, we wear a lot of different hats. Caregiver. Master Chef. Maid. Taxi Driver. Nurse/Doctor. Cheerleader. Psychic. How about "Landscaper"?
That may be an extreme description of what took place in my yard the last two evenings, but it's still more outside work than I have ever done in my life. See, growing up, I wasn't really outdoorsy. Nor was I that into manual labor. There was one common denominator I was trying to avoid: sweat : ) My mom tells a story that when I was 11 or 12, instead of going outside with the family to garden, I said I would clean my room. That should have sent up a red flag from the start, since my room childhood room (and possibly adult room on occasion) could only be navigated by pogo stick. Well, so the story goes, they heard the vacuum going in my room and after peeking in through the window, they saw I turned on the vacuum and left it in one spot as a decoy while I was sitting on the bed reading. I personally think that was quite clever : ) - oh, the lengths I am willing to go to avoid yard work.

Fast forward nine years or so, in college, and desperate to find free summer housing while I worked an internship in Harrisburg, PA. The only option? Work on the Grounds Crew for the college. AHHHHHHH! The horror! But I signed up - and lasted about 3 weeks... pretty impressive in my opinion! 5 a.m. call times to mow the grass, sweep sidewalks.. however, I wasn't allowed to use the weed whacker. Not sure why ; ) I finally had to quit due to the HUGE blisters on my hands and feet. This girl was NOT made for manual labor. Oh, and the fact that I discovered that I could have worked in the I.T. Department and also received free housing. Yes... the INDOORS, air-conditioned I.T. Department. Did I mention my boyfriend at the time MANAGED the I.T. Department, yet failed to mention I could work there instead of grounds crew? Hence, the reason he is an ex. But anywho... : )

So two nights ago I decided to freshen up my front door decor. I bought two topiaries and new flowers for the door hanger. After that, I had a flash of genius (and by "flash of genius" I really mean moment of temporary insanity) and decided to dig up some bushes and relocate them to a different bed. And if that wasn't enough, over the course of two nights I dug up 7 (yes, SEVEN) large bushes. I replanted them. Then I planted three rose bushes and some flowers. Then I pruned the bushes and trees. And then I collapsed.

My husband confirmed this morning that he really thought I had lost my mind, or quite possibly had even been inhabited by an alien. He kept bringing me water, then running back in the house for fear I would try to plant him somewhere in the yard. Oh, and HGTV is now temporarily banned in our home. At least until my blisters heal : )

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