Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You Know It's Bad When I Refuse French Fries...

The last few times Paige has been sick, I've managed to avoid catching it. This go round, I wasn't so lucky. The stinkin' virus swarmed our house like bedbugs in a NYC hotel. And it's been going on for over a week now! It all started when Daniel came home from a weekend away with a sore throat. Then, on Tuesday night, Paige woke up with a 103 degree fever. When I brought her to the doctor on Wednesday, they tested her for strep (which thank goodness she didn't have!) and then diagnosed her with a bad sore throat virus. BOO! She was pretty miserable for two days, and seemed to bypass the stuffy nose the doctor warned me about. And just when I thought we were in the clear, it happened... I GOT SICK! NOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm the caregiver, not the receiver! All day Sunday I was completely useless - I couldn't even get out of bed. Monday was a bit better, but was in no shape to be a mommy... luckily my mother-in-law was able to come over to watch Paige while I slept off the fever and achiness. Daniel surprised me later that afternoon with my favorite Chic-Fil-A french fries. I was SO excited since I hadn't eaten anything in 48 hours. I shoved about 4 into my mouth at the same time and just as I was savoring their crisp, saltiness, they hit the back of my throat. OH. MY. GOSH!!!! The Pain!!!!! Sadly I handed the french fries back to Daniel, which is when I think it finally hit him just how sick I was. The 103 degree fever didn't show him. The moaning and groaning didn't show him. It was only when I refused the french fries that he realized : ) Go figure! So the only silver lining to this pile of poop week we've had in the Billups' household is that this morning I stepped on the scale and I have lost 5 lbs! Woo hoo!! I know, I know - it's because I have eaten in 3 days. But I'm going to savor it for a bit and put on my skinny jeans - even if I am just schlepping around the house in them, wiping Paige's runny nose and wiping sweat off my brow as I fight off this fever. The joys of mommyhood : )

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