Friday, July 29, 2011

My Vegan Baby

Tiny Tevas

I think I may have a Granola baby on my hands. Today, he's gone vegan. Tomorrow, he'll be wearing little Teva sandals and turning my backyard into a neighborhood recycling hub. See, the Big D decided he can't have regular, milk-based formula... he prefers soy. Soy-based baby formula. Well, I guess if you want to get technical about the situation, I am the one who decided he should switch to soy : ) But still... he is a total Granola in the making. Trust me. Which I think is secretly my husband's dream. I think Daniel is an under-cover Granola. He would go full-throttle, but he enjoys meat way too much. So he's letting it eek out of his pores in other ways - most recently taking up every outdoorsy sport imaginable. Mountain biking. Kayaing. I drew the line the other day when he dragged me to REI to check out a "really cool pair of shoes" that he wanted. They were Vibram FiveFinger shoes. So he could "feel the earth" beneath him when he went out on his adventures. I screamed in disgust and backed my 80-lb double strolled right back out to the parking lot. I have to draw the line somewhere... and shoes where each toe has its own pocket is it  : O   Anyway....

Once I switched D to formula full time, I noticed he was having some MAJOR gas issues. And it wasn't just that he was tooting all the time (I consider that pretty normal for babies... and husbands). But it actually seemed like he was in pain before he could let the gas out. He would curl up in the fetal position and let out a few screams before he tooted. So after a few days of this, I switched him to a "Gentle" milk-based formula. Miss Paige had to use this kind, so I figured it was another thing my babies had in common. Except it didn't make much of a difference. He still appeared to be in pain after eating. Of course this upset me and so I hit up Google to find an answer. It seemed the overriding advice was to try a soy-based formula - that he may have an allergy to milk proteins. So I slowly switched him over and lo and behold - no more painful gas! Of course he still toots like a tugboat, but it doesn't appear to be painful any more. His poops are a little on the solid side vs. the runnier poops of most babies. But he definitely seems a lot more content. I even caught him trying out the Downward Dog yoga pose during tummy time today. Yup - he's definitely gone Granola. : )

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