Friday, May 9, 2014

Need a New Pair of Glasses? Try Peepers for a Stylish - Yet Inexpensive - Pair of Glasses!

Committed to offering fresh and fashionable eyewear without the premium price, Peepers is the leading designer and marketer of innovative and expressive eyewear products for both men and women. And…they have everything – readers, bifocals, traveling readers and bifocals, foldable reading glasses, bifocal sunglasses as well as the designer readers and shades.
Peepers believes eyewear is an extension of one’s personality and continues to exceed customers’ expectations with impeccable quality, exceptional delivery and unforgettable style ($9.50 – $25.00;
PS: Oprah, herself, is a HUGE fan of the brand (image via Instagram)! You know they must be awesome if Saint Oprah endorses them!


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